TA4319 Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W)

Catalog No. TA4319
Compositions Ta, W
Shape Spherical Powder
Purity 99.5%
Size 15-45μm

Spherical TaW Powder (TA2.5W) powder has the characteristics of high sphericity, good fluidity, high purity, high bulk density, full density inside the particle, no hollow powder, etc. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W).

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Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) Description

Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) is a high-purity alloy powder consisting of tantalum (Ta) and tungsten (W). By combining 2 refractory metals: Ta and W, Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) shows good corrosion resistance and performance under high temperatures. It inherits the refractory properties, so it has a high melting point, high elastic modulus and high tensile strength. Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) is suitable for various applications in industries such as aerospace, electronics, and chemical processing.

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Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) Specifications

Standard Chemical Composition (wt%)













Physical properties

Apparent Density

9.64 g/cm3

Tap Densiyt

10.85 g/cm3

Hall Flow Rate

5.6 s/50g



Powder Size







Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) Applications

Aerospace and Defense: Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) is used in aerospace components, such as turbine blades, combustion chambers, and heat exchangers, where its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and thermal stability are required.

Electronics and Semiconductor: Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) is utilized in the production of electronic components, including high-power resistors, capacitors, and contacts, due to its good electrical conductivity and reliability.

Chemical Processing: Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) finds applications in chemical processing equipment, such as reactor vessels and pipes, where its resistance to corrosion by acids, alkalis, and other aggressive chemicals is beneficial.

Additive Manufacturing: The spherical nature of the powder particles makes it suitable for additive manufacturing processes, such as selective laser melting (SLM) and electron beam melting (EBM), enabling the production of complex-shaped components with superior mechanical properties.

Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) Packaging

Our Spherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W) is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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