Packing & Internals

Two main types of packing in a packed column are Random Packing and structured Tower Internals. Tower packing materials provide a high surface area with a low bulk density. They are mainly manufactured by metal, plastic, and ceramic materials.
Random Packing
Tower Internals

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now provides various Packing and internals including:

Random Packing

Metal Random Packing:

Stainless Steel Raschig Rings.

Plastic Random Packing:

Plastic Teller Rosette.

Ceramic Random Packing:

Porcelain Berl Saddles, Porcelain Super Saddles, Porcelain Cascade Mini Rings, Porcelain Cross-Partition Rings, Porcelain Pall Rings, Porcelain Raschig Rings, Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates (Honeycomb), Alumina Ceramic Ball (Inert Ball), etc.

Other Random Packing:

Graphite Raschig Rings, 4A Molecular Sieve, 5A Molecular Sieve, Carbon Nanotube Masterbatch (PA6), Molecular Sieve (NKF-5), etc.


Tower Internals

Metal Tower Internals

Plastic Tower Internals

Ceramic Tower Internals


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