At Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM), we provide a wide range of materials for the electronics industry, including deposition materials, optical and semiconductor materials, rare earth elements and compounds, nanostructured materials, and ultra-high purity/MBE grade metals, alloys, and compounds. We can provide almost all raw, refined, and precursor forms of materials used in electronics manufacturing, including dielectrics, metals, semiconductors, transparent conductive oxides, and protective coatings. SAM enjoys rich experience in meeting the needs of electronics manufacturers and designers and is very sensitive to the specific issues unique to the industry.


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OX1489 Aluminum Oxide Powder

OX1489 Aluminum Oxide Powder, Al2O3 (CAS No. 1344-28-1)

​Aluminum Oxide Powder can be supplied by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) at a competitive price. Stanford Advanced Materials provides Aluminum Oxide Powder at a competitive price. As wear-resistant ceramic materials, it’s widely used in the thermal spraying industry and producing wear-resistant parts of textile machinery.
GE1852 Germanium Sulfide (GeS2) Powder/Chunk/Lumps (CAS No.12025-32-0)

GE1852 Germanium (IV) Sulfide (GeS2) Powder/Chunk/Lumps (CAS No.12025-34-2)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of germanium sulfide powder and a wide range of germanium products from pure metal to compounds. Related Products: CuS powder, CaS powder, Cr2S3 powder
OX0283 Nano Silicon Oxide (SiO2)

OX0283 Nano Silicon Oxide (SiO2)

​Our high-quality nano silicon oxide has cutting-edge applications in catalysis, paints, transparent functional coatings, and nano-porous layers for sensors and membranes.
Non-ferrous Metal Alloys


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