Medical Devices

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces biomedical-grade metals and alloys that can be used in a variety of applications in the medical field, including biocompatible implants, surgical instruments, orthopedic rods, and implants for medical or dental purposes. Our products include medical-grade titanium alloys, surgical steel, cobalt-chromium-based alloys, precious metal alloys, and ceramic materials. For example, the titanium and titanium alloys sold on our website have good corrosion resistance, and titanium is non-toxic and non-magnetic, making them good choices for medical devices.


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OX1489 Aluminum Oxide Powder, Al2O3 (CAS No. 1344-28-1)

​Aluminum Oxide Powder can be supplied by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) at a competitive price. Stanford Advanced Materials provides Aluminum Oxide Powder at a competitive price. As wear-resistant ceramic materials, it’s widely used in the thermal spraying industry and producing wear-resistant parts of textile machinery.
Titanium Powder

TM1449 Titanium Powder

​Titanium powder metallurgy (P/M) offers the possibility of creating a net shape or near-net shape parts without the material loss and cost associated with having to machine intricate components from a wrought billet. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of titanium powder.
MU0080 Molybdenum Wire (Mo Wire)

MU0080 Molybdenum Wire (Mo Wire)

​Molybdenum wire is often used as a material for heating high-temperature furnaces. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers our customers a diverse selection of Molybdenum Wire, Molybdenum Bar, and Molybdenum Sheet products. All custom sizes and finished parts can be produced quickly to the highest industry standards. Related products: TZM Products, Mo-La Products, Mo Tube, Mo Sheet, Mo Plate, Mo Disc  


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