Ceramic Material

Advanced ceramic materials, or technical ceramics, are widely applied in lots of industries, including automobile, aviation, space, machine manufacturing, electronics and military. These ceramic materials have very low thermal expansion coefficient, relatively low density, high thermal conductivity and they are extremely hard.

Ceramic material’s poor wettability with molten metals also makes it ideal for metallurgical melting. Recently engineered ceramics are made by oxide, carbides, and nitrides. Alumina, or aluminum oxide, Al2O3, is the most well-known oxide ceramic material and the major oxide ceramic material. Zirconia, or zirconium dioxide, is extremely hard and used as grinding media and mortars. Carbides, such as boron carbide and silicon carbide, are used in ballistic prove vests, bearings and abrasive, alumina nitride contributes a lot as the substrate for electronics.

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icon - SAMI'm glad I found Stanford Advanced Materials just in time. The engineers there quickly understood my operating conditions and recommended the right ceramics for my high-temperature, high-thermal-shock application. My staff is achieving higher throughput, lower costs and improved efficiency thanks to the engineers at Stanford Advanced Materials.icon - SAM

                                                                                                      -President of Midwest US start-up nano materials manufacturer

Ceramic Material
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