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Humankind has long explored chemical and pharmaceutical solutions to perplexing problems, creating products that make a profound impact on countless lives. These products’ safety and effectiveness depend significantly on the quality of the raw materials they’re made of. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) enjoys over two decades of experience in manufacturing and selling high-quality materials used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Let’s take a look at some SAM products used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. If you do not find the products you need below, please search for more information on our website.


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NB0035 Niobium Rod, Niobium Bar

NB0035 Niobium Rod, Niobium Bar

​High-purity Niobium Rod & Niobium Bar can be bought at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). With extensive experience in the manufacture and sale of niobium products, SAM offers customers high-quality Nb Rod & Nb Bar at competitive prices. We are also able to customize this product according to various specifications. Related products: Niobium Tube/Pipe, Niobium Wire  
Tantalum Flange

TA0010 Tantalum Flange (Ta Flange)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of tantalum flange and a wide variety of tantalum products.   Other shapes are also available upon request including tantalum foil / tantalum strip, tantalum sheet / tantalum plate, tantalum tube / tantalum pipe, tantalum capillary, tantalum wire, tantalum bar / tantalum rod, etc.
Tantalum Ingot

TA0001 Tantalum Ingot (Ta Ingot)

​High-quality Tantalum Ingot (Ta Ingot) is on sale at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). As a leading global tantalum products supplier, SAM provides customers with high-quality tantalum ingots at a very competitive price. We can also offer custom tantalum products per your specs. Related products: Tantalum Foil, Tantalum Sheet, Tantalum Tube, Tantalum Capillary, Tantalum Wire, Tantalum Bar.
Chemical & Pharmacy


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