Nuclear Energy

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces a variety of materials used in processes and research related to nuclear power generation. We are familiar with the NRC’s quality assurance and quality control standards in the United States and assist government programs in many countries and regions. For example, the titanium sold on our website can be used to make heat exchangers and used in nuclear power generation equipment. Its service life is as long as 40 years. Although the one-time investment of using titanium is relatively high, the operation, maintenance, and total cost are significantly reduced, and it has been widely used in nuclear power plants.


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BS1109 Bismuth Metal (Bi Metal) (CAS No.7782-49-2)

BS1109 Bismuth Metal (Bi Metal) (CAS No.7782-49-2)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has 20 years of experience manufacturing and supplying ultra-high purity Bismuth Metal. We provide Bi Metal with high quality and competitive prices. Various forms are available. Related products: Bismuth (III) Oxide Powder, Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder
NN1595 Nano Aluminum Boride Powder

NN1595 Nano Aluminum Boride Powder

​According to users' requirements of nanoparticles, Stanford Advanced Materials can provide different sizes of Nano Aluminum Boride Powder.
BA1285 Barium Sulfate Powder, BaSO4 Powder

BA1285 Barium Sulfate Powder, BaSO4 (CAS No. 7727-43-7)

​Barium sulfate powder (BaSO4 powder) is a white powder or small crystal. Stanford Advanced Materials provides barium sulfate powder with the most competitive price. Other Barium Compounds: Barium Fluoride Powder (BaF2), Barium Chromate Powder (BaCrO4), Barium Carbonate Powder (BaCO3), Barium Titanate Powder (BaTiO3).


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