Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies are equipped with permanent magnets like NdFeB magnets and other material parts like metal, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, adhesive tape, wood, hardboard and etc.
Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies are equipped with permanent magnets like NdFeB magnets and other material parts like metal, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, adhesive tape, wood, hardboard and etc. Magnet assemblies can be much more powerful than the magnet itself, and achieve a certain functional effect that the magnet cannot meet.

From permanent magnets to large complex magnetic assemblies, Stanford Magnets has a legacy of designing, manufacturing, and delivering systems to meet the needs of our partners and their application requirements.

Here are the typical applications of Magnet Assembly. You can click them to learn more information. We keep hundreds of thousands of standard magnet assemblies in stock. We also make custom assemblies to serve any new application you come up with. Magnetic latches, electromagnets, pocket magnets, bullet magnets, magnetic filters, magnetic liquid traps, and tool racks are also available to meet your project requirements.

Magnetic Modules for Wind Power:

Experience the future of renewable energy with our Magnetic Modules for Wind Power. Designed to optimize generator efficiency, these modules play a crucial role in harnessing wind energy, translating it into usable power, and contributing to a greener world.

Halbach Arrays:

Unlock the potential of magnetic fields with our Halbach Arrays. These ingenious arrangements of magnets are designed to produce strong, directed magnetic fields on one side while minimizing the field on the other, enabling applications in magnetic sensors, accelerators, and more.

Torque and Linear Couplers:

Achieve seamless mechanical coupling with our Torque and Linear Couplers. These assemblies provide efficient power transmission and precise motion control, making them essential components in various industrial and automotive systems.

Magnet Rotors:

Revolutionize motor systems with our high-performance Magnet Rotors. Designed to deliver superior torque and efficiency, these assemblies are the backbone of electric motors, generators, and various rotary systems.

Voice Coil Motors (VCM):

Experience precision control and rapid responses with our Voice Coil Motors. These magnetic assemblies offer linear motion with exceptional accuracy, making them ideal for applications such as medical devices, robotics, and aerospace systems.

Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnet:

Elevate heavy loads with ease using our Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnets. These powerful assemblies are designed for safe and efficient lifting in industrial environments, improving productivity and safety.

Custom Magnetic Assemblies:

Tailor magnetic solutions to your exact needs with our Custom Magnetic Assemblies. Our team of experts works closely with you to create bespoke solutions that optimize performance, efficiency, and functionality for your specific applications.

Magnetic Door Latches:

Experience secure and convenient door closures with our Magnetic Door Latches. Whether for commercial spaces or residential use, these assemblies provide reliable and smooth operation.

Sandwich Assemblies:

Enhance magnetic strength and performance with our Sandwich Assemblies. These innovative solutions combine multiple magnets to achieve superior holding force, making them essential in applications like magnetic separators and clamping systems.

Channel Magnet Assemblies:

Maximize holding force and versatility with our Channel Magnet Assemblies. These magnetic systems are designed to provide secure attachment points in industrial, automotive, and manufacturing applications.

Magnetic Assemblies Benefits:

Innovation Unleashed: Our Magnetic Assemblies are designed to push boundaries, introducing innovation and efficiency into various applications.

Enhanced Performance: From energy generation to motion control, our assemblies optimize performance, leading to increased efficiency and reliability.

Expert Engineering: Our team of engineers brings decades of expertise to every assembly, ensuring precision, quality, and excellence in every product.

Versatile Applications: With a wide range of assemblies, we cater to industries spanning renewable energy, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and more.

Custom Solutions: Our Custom Magnetic Assemblies empower you to address unique challenges and create tailored solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.


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