Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has extensive experience in the production of various glass and crystal materials used in optics, lasers, lighting, electronics, and other applications. Our optical products are carefully designed to meet the most stringent quality standards and are made of ultra-high purity materials. The tantalum oxide sold on our website can be used to manufacture advanced optical glasses, and zirconium dioxide is a non-toxic and odorless white solid. It has sufficient stability to alkali solutions and many acidic solutions. It is suitable for optical lenses and glass additives.


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OX0283 Nano Silicon Oxide (SiO2) Powder CAS NO. 7631-86-9

​Our high-quality nano silicon oxide has cutting-edge applications in catalysis, paints, transparent functional coatings, and nano-porous layers for sensors and membranes.
Yttrium Oxide, Yttria

OX1086 Yttrium Oxide, Yttria (Y2O3) Powder (CAS No. 1314-36-9)

​Yttrium Oxide is used to produce Yttrium-Iron-Garnets. Stanford Advanced Materials has 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3). Our Yttrium oxide can be up to 99.9999% purity. Related products: Yttrium Metal, Yttrium Metal Powder, Y-Al Alloys
Selenium Metal (Se Metal)

SE1112 Selenium Metal (Se Metal) (CAS No.7782-49-2)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has been committed to providing ultra-high purity (up to 99.99999%) Selenium Metal (Se Metal) for almost 2 decades. Our Se Metal is available in powder, particle, block and other forms. Related products: Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder, Cadmium Selenide Powder, Copper (I) Selenide Powder.


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