Precious Metal Compounds

Platinum group metal catalysts are widely used in chemical processes for reactions ranging from gas-phase oxidation through selective hydrogenation of chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical feedstocks to fuel cell power generation. All six of the platinum group elements have significant catalytic properties; however, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium are the most widely used.

Our high-quality precious metal salt compounds are used among others within the automobile industry, electrotechnology, chemical industry and for the production of ceramic colors. Precious metal compounds come i.e. into operation for galvanic and wireless surface coatings, for the production of catalytic converters or the coating of catalyst carriers.

We can offer the following products:

Palladium sulfate
Potassium gold cyanide
Potassium silver cyanide
Silver cyanide
Silver methansulfonate
Silver nitrate
Silver oxide

Precious Metal Compounds
Palladium-based Catalysts and Compounds
Platinum-based Catalysts And Compounds
Rhodium -based Catalysts And Compounds  
Ruthenium-based Catalysts And Compounds
Iridium-based Catalysts And Compounds


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