Precious Metal Catalyst

Precious metal catalysts are also termed “noble metal catalysts”, showing unique characteristics in our lives. They possess an incompletely filled d-orbital to lend electrons or withdraw electrons from the reagent, depending on the nature of the reaction. Hence, precious metals always show high activity and selectivity in catalysis. Apart from this, precious metal catalysts are also stable and are not easily form oxides by oxidation. Not only the high activity but also the high thermal stability of precious metal catalysts allows us to use precious metal catalysts for a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, chemicals, environment, and material sciences.
Precious Metal Catalyst

About Precious Metal Catalyst

Pd Catalysts, Pd/CaCO3 Catalyst, Pt/C Catalyst, Pt/Pd Catalyst, Rh/C Catalyst, Ir/C Catalyst, Pd/C Catalyst, Ru/C Catalyst, Pd on Alumina, Pd on Barium Sulfate, Pt on Alumina, Pt/Pd on Carbon, Rh on Alumina, etc.
Form: Powder

Why Choose SAM for Precious Metal Catalysts?

At SAM (Stanford Advanced Materials), we are committed to delivering catalysts that exemplify the power of precious metals in driving chemical reactions and catalytic processes. With our dedication to quality, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in sourcing precious metal catalysts that embody excellence.

Key Advantages:

Diverse Portfolio: Our collection encompasses a wide range of precious metal catalysts, each tailored for specific applications. From platinum and palladium to rhodium and ruthenium, our selection empowers you to choose the ideal catalyst for your process.

Catalytic Performance: We understand the critical role that catalysts play in chemical transformations. Our precious metal catalysts are engineered to exhibit exceptional catalytic activity, efficiency, and selectivity.

Quality Assurance: Quality is at the core of our catalysts. We adhere to rigorous industry standards and meticulous specifications, ensuring that our catalysts consistently deliver superior performance.

Technical Expertise: Our team of experts possesses profound knowledge in the field of catalysis. We offer personalized technical support and guidance, helping you select the optimal catalyst for your specific reaction.

Custom Solutions: We recognize that each catalytic process is unique. Our flexible approach allows us to customize precious metal catalyst solutions to precisely match your reaction requirements.

Our Precious Metal Catalyst Offerings:

SAM offers a comprehensive array of precious metal catalysts, each characterized by its exceptional properties and potential applications. Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

Platinum Catalysts: Explore the catalytic power of platinum catalysts, renowned for their versatility in a wide range of chemical reactions and industries.

Palladium Catalysts: Harness the catalytic prowess of palladium catalysts, vital in cross-coupling reactions, hydrogenation, and environmental applications.

Rhodium and Ruthenium Catalysts: Discover the transformative impact of rhodium and ruthenium catalysts in various catalytic processes, including asymmetric synthesis and catalytic hydrogenation.

Drive Progress with Precious Metal Excellence:

At SAM, we understand that catalysts are more than just materials; they are enablers of progress and innovation. Our precious metal catalysts spark reactions, drive efficiency, and shape industries worldwide. Contact us today to explore how our precious metal catalyst offerings can transform your processes and drive excellence. Experience the SAM difference and witness your catalytic transformations rise to new levels of efficacy and advancement.


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