Boron Nitride

Hot pressed boron nitride ceramic, with hardness about 4, is an easily machined material. Boron nitride has a hexagonal structure, similar to graphite, and thus is sometimes known as white graphite. It has high thermal conductivity, high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant.

As the forming of this material is not quite easy, it requires about 1900F if it is hot pressed without boron oxide.  BN material could withstand higher temperatures in vacuum. SAM is contiuoursly cooperate with boron nitride manufacturers and research instituations to enhance product performance. Our hBN custom parts would have similar performance with Saintg, especially for high-temperature applications. 

Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic is a kind of boron nitride prepared by high temperature pyrolysis reaction by chemical vapor deposition. PBN is an advanced material with excellent properties. It is deposited by the reaction of ammonia and boron halide under high temperature and high vacuum conditions. It can be deposited as PBN sheet material or directly into PBN final products such as tubes, rings or thin-walled containers. Unlike ordinary hot-pressed boron nitride (BN), it does not have to undergo a conventional hot-press sintering process without adding any sintering agen. It has very low porosity and have great advantages compared with tradional BN material, making it an ideal material for crystal growing.

Boron Nitride


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