HA4680 Food Grade Sodium Hyaluronate

Catalog No. HA4680
Energy 1289 kJ/100g
Fat 0 g/100g
Protein 0.03 g/100g
Carbohydrate 75.4 g/100g
Sodium 5.53 g/100g

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers food-grade hyaluronic acid powder for beverage/ supplement applications, we are the pure and organic hyaluronic acid powder in the USA. The Hyaluronic acid is non-GMO, Non-animal, kosher, and vegan compliant. High, mild/middle and low molecular Sodium Hyaluronate powders are available. CAS Number: 9067-32-7, sample is available


Applications of Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Common food: beverage, jelly, dairy products, etc.;

Health food: usually in combination with Collagen,  Vitamins, Chondroitin Sulphate, or Glucosamine to make tablets, capsules, or oral liquids these popular forms

Functions of Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Introduction of Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Edible hyaluronic acid has some unique properties and functions, such as water retention, lubrication, viscosity, and good biocompatibility, so HA is widely applied to cosmetics, health food, Beauty filing operation, pharmaceutics, etc.

The higher the molecular weight and concentration are, the slower the dissolution velocity will be.

Features of Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Our Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid is manufactured by fermentation with Streptococcus Equi, subsp. Zooepidemicus. It is non-animal sourced, non-GMO, and non-BSE/TSE risk. The raw materials used during the fermentation, including peptone, glucose, yeast extract, and other raw materials are all non-animal sources. Our production is strictly managed according to ISO 9001 and GMP standards and has been Kosher and Halal certified. It is a totally safe natural ingredient.


Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid Product
Item No. Specification Inquiry
HAF-H-SC >1,800K Da Ask for quotation
HAF-M-SC 800K-1,600K Da Ask for quotation
HAF-N-SC 200K-600K Da Ask for quotation
HAF-L-SC 10K-1,000K Da Ask for quotation
HAF-Oligo <10K Da Ask for quotation
HA-F 200K-600K Da Ask for quotation
HA-C Customized molecular weight Ask for quotation

Specification of Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Items   Specifications
Appearance   White or almost white powder or granules
Identification A. Reaction of alkaline cupric tartrate Positive
  B. Reaction of sodium Positive
Particle size   Pass through a 60 mesh sieve
pH (5mg/mL solution)   6.0-8.0
Bulk density   0.3-0.6g/cm3
Loss on drying   ≤10.0%
Ash   ≤13.0%
Limiting viscosity   Measured values
Molecular weight   Measured values
Protein   ≤0.1%
Heavy metals   ≤20ppm
As   ≤2ppm
Sodium hyaluronate   ≥91.0%
Glucuronic acid   ≥44.0%
Bacterial counts   ≤500cfu/g
Mold and Yeast   ≤100cfu/g
Escherichia coli   Negative
Staphylococcus aureus   Negative
Salmonella   Negative



HA4681 Cosmetic Grade Sodium Hyaluronate


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