MU0085 Molybdenum Crucible (Mo Crucible)

Catalog No. MU0085
Size 10-500mm OD x 10-600mm L
Standard ASTM B387
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Density 9.8 - 10.2 g/cc
Surface Finish turning, Polishing

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of high-quality molybdenum crucibles. With our customization capabilities and competitive prices, we are the first choice for many customers.

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Molybdenum Crucible Description

The molybdenum crucible is made of Mo-1 molybdenum powder, and its use temperature is 1100℃~1700℃. Molybdenum crucibles are mainly used in the metallurgical industry, rare earth industry, monocrystalline silicon, solar energy, artificial crystals, and mechanical processing industries.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide customized molybdenum crucibles according to customers' drawings and we can also provide solutions for your research.

We have a vertically integrated supply chain with the capability to refine molybdenum powder, press, and sinter ingots, and clean molybdenum and molybdenum alloy crucibles. In a word, SAM can manufacture a wide range of diameter, height, and thickness molybdenum crucibles to suit our customers' needs.

Molybdenum Crucible Specification


Size (mm)

Tolerance (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)











Molybdenum Straight Wall Crucibles

Item Code Capacity Outside Diameter Depth
MO-C-1000 Cap (ml), 1000 Outside Dia (mm), 127 Depth (mm), 89
MO-C-100 Cap (ml), 100 Outside Dia (mm), 59 Depth (mm), 45
MO-C-10 Cap (ml), 10 Outside Dia (mm), 27 Depth (mm), 22
MO-C-15 Cap (ml), 15 Outside Dia (mm), 33 Depth (mm), 22
MO-C-20 Cap (ml), 20 Outside Dia (mm), 33 Depth (mm), 29
MO-C-25 Cap (ml), 25 Outside Dia (mm), 45 Depth (mm), 22
MO-C-35 Cap (ml), 35 Outside Dia (mm), 46 Depth (mm), 29
MO-C-45 Cap (ml), 45 Outside Dia (mm), 46 Depth (mm), 34
MO-C-55 Cap (ml), 55 Outside Dia (mm), 47 Depth (mm), 41
MO-C-5 Cap (ml), 5 Outside Dia (mm), 21 Depth (mm), 18
MO-C-75 Cap (ml), 75 Outside Dia (mm), 51 Depth (mm), 41

Molybdenum Crucible Type

* Pressed and Sintered Crucibles

The powder is pressed and sintered to the final shape. They are one of the types of the most popular crucibles.

* Spin-formed Crucibles

Large molybdenum plate blanks are hot spun-formed to the specified product geometry.

* Milled Crucibles

Material blanks are machined to the final product. This type of molybdenum crucible is also very popular.

* Welded Crucibles

Large crucibles with thinner wall thickness, and we recommend welded molybdenum crucibles.

Molybdenum Crucible Applications

With a high corrosion resistance to most acids and many molten materials such as glass or metals, molybdenum crucibles are ideal for the metallurgy, mechanism, and rare earth smelting industries. They can withstand vacuum thermal evaporation, nuclear fuel sintering, and capacitor sintering. Molybdenum crucibles can be used in LED Sapphire Crystal Growing and Chemical industry. Molybdenum crucibles are also seeing increased use in the growing high-technology industry and in crystalloid materials.

Molybdenum Crucible Packaging

Our molybdenum crucibles are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.



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