MU1658 Molybdenum Tray (Mo Tray)

Catalog No. MU1658
Size Per customer’s drawing
Material Molybdenum or Molybdenum alloy including: Pure Mol
Standard ASTM B386
Purity 99.95%, 99.99%

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has over 20 years of experience supplying molybdenum trays of high quality at competitive prices. We are also able to customize this Molybdenum product as per your specifications.

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Molybdenum Tray Description

The molybdenum tray is one of the High-Temperature Furnace Parts. The function of the molybdenum tray is quite similar to a regular molybdenum crucible, the shape and details of molybdenum trays can be customized by your drawings.

Molybdenum Tray Application

In the missile industry, a molybdenum tray is used for: nose cones, high-temperature structural parts, nozzles, leading edges of control surfaces, support wanes, re-entry cones, and heat radiation shields.

In electronics, a molybdenum tray is used for: cathodes, magnetron end hats, X-ray tube components, filaments, and glass-to-metal seals.

In high-temperature applications, a molybdenum tray is used for: furnace windings, structural furnace members, and containers for components.

Moly Tray Molybdenum Tray

Molybdenum Tray Capacity


<1000mm Length x <1000mm Width x <1000mm High



Max. working temperature


Working temperature


Processing technology

 Riveting / Welding / Stretch

SAM has vast experience in the manufacturing and processing of high-performance materials, including molybdenum and its alloys. Contact for current pricing or for a quote on molybdenum trays and other molybdenum High-Temperature Furnace Products not listed.

Molybdenum Tray Packaging

Our molybdenum tray will be wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.


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