MU0432 Molybdenum Ion Implantation Components (Discontinued)

Catalog No. MU0432
Material Pure Mo
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Size Manufactured per drawing


Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of ion implantation components used in the manufacture of semiconductors. We also supply a full range of heat-resistant products made from molybdenum and tungsten.

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Molybdenum Ion Implantation Components Description

Molybdenum (Mo) is gray-metallic and has the third highest melting point of any element next to tungsten and tantalum. It is found in various oxidation states in minerals but does not occur naturally as a free metal. Molybdenum is well-known for its strength and stability in high-heat applications. It is often alloyed with other compounds to improve corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures. Consequently, molybdenum is frequently used for making steel alloys, high strength alloys, and superalloys. Molybdenum compounds usually have a low solubility in water. Industrially, they are used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications such as pigments and catalysts. Our implantation components are made from molybdenum and tungsten and have excellent corrosion resistance, high melting point and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

ion implantation components ion implantation components

Molybdenum Ion Implantation Components Applications

• Used to manufacture semiconductors.
• Used in metal finishing for tool steel toughening and surface finishing.
• Used in ion beam mixing to achieve graded interface and strengthen adhesion between immiscible material.

Molybdenum Ion Implantation Components Specification

We manufacture our molybdenum ion implantation components according to your engineered drawing.

Molybdenum Ion Implantation Components Packaging

Our molybdenum ion implantation components are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.



MU0084 Molybdenum Boat (Mo Boat)

MU0084 Molybdenum Boat (Mo Boat)

MU0085 Molybdenum Crucible (Mo Crucible)

MU0085 Molybdenum Crucible (Mo Crucible)

MU0086 Molybdenum Electrode (Mo Electrode)

MU0086 Molybdenum Electrode (Mo Electrode)

MU0088 Molybdenum Fastener (Mo Screws, Nuts, Bolts)

MU0088 Molybdenum Fastener (Screws, Nuts, Bolts)

MU0089 Molybdenum Heating Elements (Mo Heating Elements)

MU0089 Molybdenum Heating Element (Mo Heating Element)

MU0090 Molybdenum Heat Shield (Mo Heat Shield)

MU0090 Molybdenum Heat Shield (Mo Heat Shield)

sc/1616118885-normal-Molybdenum Spinning Nozzle.jpg

MU0410 Molybdenum Spinning Nozzle, Mo Spinning Nozzle

MU1658 Molybdenum Tray (Mo Tray)

MU1658 Molybdenum Tray (Mo Tray)

MU1663 Molybdenum (Mo) Mandrel / TZM Mandrel

MU1663 Molybdenum Mandrel, TZM Mandrel


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