GR0192 Graphite Felt

Catalog No. GR0192

SAM provides a high-quality Graphite heater, Graphite thermal shield, Graphite Crucible, Graphite tray, Pyrolytic Graphite, Graphite Wire, Graphite Felt, Graphite Electrode.

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Graphite Felt Description

Graphite felt is a rayon-based material that is an ideal choice for vacuum furnaces or process temperatures above 2000° C.

Carbon felt is a lower-cost alternative to Graphite felt for applications where chemical purity is not as critical. 

Graphite felt is produced in 0.25” and 0.50” thicknesses in widths up to 1.2 Meters, is typically processed to a temperature above 2200° C, and can be purified to less than 20 ppm total ash content. Carbon felt is typically processed to a minimum temperature of 1400°C.

Graphite Felt Applications

Graphite felts are used as electrode backings in a variety of battery designs including vanadium redox flow batteries (VRB).  The high conductivity, high purity, and chemical resistance of felts make them ideal for the demanding design criteria of flow battery developers.

They are:

Graphite Felt Benefits




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sc/1627609603-normal-Natural Flake Graphite.jpg

GR3555 Natural Flake Graphite

sc/1627609891-normal-Graphite Sheet.jpg

GR3556 Graphite Sheet

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sc/1627610733-normal-Extruded Graphite.png

GR3558 Extruded Graphite

sc/1627610988-normal-Isostatic Graphite.jpg

GR3559 Isostatic Graphite


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