GR0184 Graphite electrode for EDM

Catalog No. GR0184
Color Black
Material Fine grain graphite
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 1.65~2 Depends on type of raw material

We provide precision machined Graphite electrode for EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) made by high-density graphite with ultra-fine grain. Our Graphite electrode for EDM use materials from POCO or other brands with similar quality and products will be custom engineered to your specific needs.

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Graphite Electrode for EDM Description

Graphite Electrode for EDM has several advantages over other materials. It is easy to machine, has a lower density, wearing slower, and has great mechanical properties under high temperature. Therefore, graphite is suited for EDM and it has become the most commonly used material for EDM electrodes. Graphite is largely used for electrical discharge machining (EDM) in production and other applications fields like mold making, general engineering, and micromachining.

Graphite Electrode for EDM Advantages



GR3552 Siliconized Graphite Powder


GR3553 Graphene Conductive Mica Powder


GR3554 Spherical Graphite Powder

sc/1627609603-normal-Natural Flake Graphite.jpg

GR3555 Natural Flake Graphite

sc/1627609891-normal-Graphite Sheet.jpg

GR3556 Graphite Sheet

sc/1627610314-normal-Molded Graphite.jpg

GR3557 Molded Graphite

sc/1627610733-normal-Extruded Graphite.png

GR3558 Extruded Graphite

sc/1627610988-normal-Isostatic Graphite.jpg

GR3559 Isostatic Graphite


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