GR0186 Graphite Mold

Catalog No. GR0186
Color Black
Material High density graphite
Bulk Density(g/cm3) >1.8g/cm3

We provide precision machined graphite mold made by high-density graphite with ultra-fine grain. Our Graphite Mold products use materials from POCO or other brands with similar quality and products will be custom engineered to your specific needs.

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Graphite Mold Description

Graphite mold is a naturally occurring substance that is found in metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks and meteorites. Under normal circumstances, it is the most stable form of carbon in the world. Graphite is an extremely durable material with many important applications. Graphite mold has several advantages over other materials. It is easy to machine, has a lower density, wearing slower, and has great mechanical properties under high temperature. Hand-pour different metals into many different shapes. Our specialty molds are manufactured in high-density graphite, producing an impressively detailed cast.

Graphite Mold Applications

Graphite has been used in mold production for over 50 years. Advancements in available materials have created the options that allowed graphite to be used in a variety of applications. Ingot graphite molds are commonly used in aluminum, gold, and silver casting.  Benefits of graphite permanent molds are realized by combining the low cost associated with machining graphite and high strength common to graphite materials,  providing an economical alternative to other molds in the zinc-aluminum casting industry. 




sc/1620378729-normal-Graphite heater.jpg

GR0189 Graphite Heater

sc/1620378845-normal-Graphite Felt.jpg

GR0192 Graphite Felt

sc/1620378889-normal-Graphite Wire.jpg

GR0193 Graphite Wire

VD0551 Graphite (C) Evaporation Materials

VD0551 Graphite (C) Evaporation Materials

sc/1620382226-normal-Pyrolytic Graphite Tubes.jpg

GR0932 Pyrolytic Graphite Tubes


GR3423 Pyrolytic Graphite Substrate


GR3426 Graphite Anodes


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