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About Stanford Advanced Materials

Stanford Advanced Materials supplies high-quality and consistent products to meet our customers' R&D and production needs. By frequently visiting these manufacturers and understanding their production, quality control, administration, and management sections, we have carried out faithful cooperation over the years and built profound working partnerships with our customers. As such, we are confident that SAM will be your favorite material supplier and business partner.

Who We Are

Stanford Advanced Materials is a highly experienced supplier of 3,000+ advanced materials to key industry players in aerospace, technology, medical, energy, and numerous other fields. From R&D stages to bulk production, we are fully equipped to offer any size company with unparalleled product support and customer service. Nearly two decades of industry insight and global supply chain knowledge, ensure you receive premium quality materials, at competitive market rates.

Our Materials

Our veteran team of industry experts has spent decades identifying hundreds of skilled dependable manufacturers around the United States and the world. By building profound industry partnerships, we are able to offer an ever-increasing number of materials to meet our customer’s fluctuating supply needs. Frequent visits to our partners' locations, ensure we closely monitor the material, production, and quality control standards.

Our Promise

Stanford Advanced Materials' promise is to provide each and every one of our customers with the same high-level customer service and ethical business practice the company was founded on. We are committed to helping companies simplify their material sourcing processes, with a dedicated service team available to process requests, questions, and orders in a transparent and timely manner.


Below are some comments from our customers: 


iconThank you for fixing our titanium parts for us! Our previous supplier couldn't make these parts straight even though we worked with them for many months to solve the problem. Stanford Advanced Materials knew exactly how to solve our problem. The parts have been straight and flat with every shipment and we have now placed a blanket order. Icon - SAM

- Major Midwest US manufacturer of capital equipment

iconWe ordered our zirconium tubing from Stanford Advanced Materials because we were promised delivery in half the time of the other competitive bids. When we received the parts, not only were they on time, but the quality was first-rate. We recommend Stanford Advanced Materials as a company that delivers what they promise!Icon - SAM

- Top US producer of specialty heat exchangers

iconStanford Advanced Materials shipped top-quality sputtering targets to my grad student in-time for us to complete our project and write our report in time for a major conference. We were very glad they were delivered so quickly.Icon - SAM

- Professor/Student Adviser from major European technical university

iconI'm glad I found Stanford Advanced Materials just in time. The engineers there quickly understood my operating conditions and recommended the right ceramics for my high-temperature, high-thermal-shock application. My staff is achieving higher throughput, lower costs, and improved efficiency thanks to the engineers at Stanford Advanced Materials.Icon - SAM

- President of Midwest US start-up nano materials manufacturer



For more information, contact us via E-mail at sales@samaterials.com or via telephone at Tel: (949) 407-8904.

Visit us at www.samaterials.com to learn about our products, services, pricing, and news.

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Chin Trento

Chin Trento holds a bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry from the University of Illinois. His educational background gives him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He has been working with writing advanced materials for over four years in Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). His main purpose in writing these articles is to provide a free, yet quality resource for readers. He welcomes feedback on typos, errors, or differences in opinion that readers come across.

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