TA1729 Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy Products

Catalog No. TA1729
Material 90% tantalum, 10% tungsten
Purity ≥99.95% or 99.99%
Shape plate, sheet, rod, strip, tube, sputtering target

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) specializes in providing high-quality Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy Products with great leading time and competitive price.

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Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy Products Description

Tantalum-Tungsten (TaW) excels due to its sensible mechanical properties and glorious corrosion resistance. Tantalum tungsten is a high strength metal alloy. It has a high melting point, tension resistance, and corrosion resistance. SAM’s tantalum alloys are made using powder metallurgy techniques by mixing tantalum powder with alloy elements and filling them into molds, compressing them at temperatures of up to 2000 bars, and then sintering them. Ta10W alloy (90% tantalum, 10% tungsten) is one of the most popular alloys. Our Ta10W Alloy is thus especially well suited for the heat exchangers and heating components used in the chemical instrumentation construction field.

We also supply high purity  Spherical TaW Powder (TA2.5W)Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy PowderSpherical TaW Powder (TA7.5W)Spherical TaW Powder (TA10W).


Tantalum Tungsten Alloy UNS Grade

* UNS R05255, tantalum alloy, 90 % tantalum, 10 % tungsten, the electron-beam furnace of vacuum-arc melt, or both.
* UNS R05252, tantalum alloy, 97.5 % tantalum, 2.5 % tungsten, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both.
* We also can provide Ta7.5W, 92.5% tantalum, 7.5% Pure tungsten

Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy Product Types

* Sheet
* Strip
* Rod
* Sputtering Target
* Tube

Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Price List

Other Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Products

Tantalum tungsten alloy crucibles, Tantalum-tungsten alloy nuts, Tantalum-tungsten alloy bolts, Tantalum-tungsten alloy heating elements, Tantalum-tungsten alloy shielding screens.
Contact molly@samaterials.com for current pricing or for a quote on tantalum-tungsten alloy and other tantalum products not listed.


sc/1617689387-normal-Tantalum Tungsten Sheet.jpg

TA0012 Tantalum Tungsten Sheet, Tantalum Tungsten Board

sc/1617689844-normal-Tantalum Tungsten Tube, Tantalum Tungsten Pipe.jpg

TA0013 Tantalum Tungsten Tube, Tantalum Tungsten Pipe

sc/1617690298-normal-Tantalum Tungsten Rod Bar.jpg

TA0014 Tantalum Tungsten Rod, Tantalum Tungsten Bar

sc/1617691181-normal-Tantalum Tungsten Wire.jpg

TA0015 Tantalum Tungsten Wire (Ta-W Wire)

sc/1617691650-normal-Tantalum Tungsten Disc.jpg

TA0016 Tantalum Tungsten Disc (Ta-W Disc)

TA1730 Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy Products

TA1731 Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy Products

sc/1659692994-normal-Spherical TaW Powder (TA2.5W).jpg

TA4318 Spherical TaW Powder (TA2.5W)

sc/1659693496-normal-Spherical TaW Powder (TA10W).jpg

TA4320 Spherical TaW Powder (TA10W)

sc/1660881035-normal-Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy Powder, Ta2.5W.jpg

TA4329 Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy Powder


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