BN0999 Boron Nitride Plate / Sheet (H-BN Plate / Sheet)

Catalog No. BN0999
Purity 99%
Size Various
Material Pure composite boron nitride
Shape Plate/Sheet

Boron Nitride Plate / Sheet is made of powdered hexagonal boron nitride through high-temperature vacuum hot-pressing sintering. SAM provides customers with high-quality Boron Nitride Plates / Sheets.

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Description of Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride, also known as BN, hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN), and hot-pressed boron nitride, is a good self-lubricate ceramic that can withstand high temperature and maintain its lubricating capability in a high vacuum environment. Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) behaves similarly with graphite mechanically but offers excellent electrical resistance. The Boron Nitride Plates and Boron Nitride Sheets from Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) are made from hot-pressed boron nitride blank.

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Available Materials of Boron Nitride Plate/Sheet

Cat No.




Hot pressed at high temperature (1900C).

Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Limited wear resistance

Self-bonded and high purity (>99%)

Machinable Blanks

Finished Parts


General-purpose material

Bonded by boric oxide

Finished Parts


Calcium borate bonded boron nitride

Enhanced moisture resistance

Finished Parts


BN 60%, SiO2 40%

Finished Parts


BN 40%, SiO2 60%

Finished Parts


BN-45%, Zr2O3 45%

Finished Parts

Specifications of BN99 and ZSBN for your reference!


Applications of Boron Nitride Plate/Sheet

The Boron Nitride Plate / Sheet from Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can withstand high temperatures in a high vacuum environment, and it has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical resistance. Thus, Boron Nitride Plates / Sheets have a wide range of applications, such as:

Electric insulators in vacuum system

Insulators for high-temperature furnace

Spacers for glass melting

Boron Nitride parts for ion injection equipment

AIXlarge glass melting vacuum-furnace

Properties of Boron Nitride Plate / Sheet

Excellent thermal shock resistance
High electrical resistivity
Low density
High thermal conductivity
Good chemical inertness
High-temperature material
High dielectric breakdown strength, >40 KV/mm
Low dielectric constant, k=4
Excellent machinability

Packaging of  Boron Nitride Sheet/Plate

The Boron Nitride Plates / Sheets from Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

SAM_BN plate packing_1 SAM_BN plate packing_2


Prototyping service also available for other ceramics material

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sc/1669254907-normal-Boron Steel Neutron Absorber Material.jpg

BC4504 Boron Steel Neutron Absorber Material

sc/1669255355-normal-Boron Polyethylene Sheet.jpg

BC4505 Boron Polyethylene Sheet

sc/1669256812-normal-Boron Polyethylene Rod.jpg

BC4506 Boron Polyethylene Rod

sc/1669874195-normal-Alumina Dish.jpg

CM4523 Alumina Dish

sc/1669874413-normal-Alumina Tube (One End Closed).jpg

CM4524 Alumina Tube (One End Closed)

sc/1669876802-normal-Alumina Bar.jpg

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sc/1669877194-normal-Alumina Sample Pan-1.jpg

LM4526 Alumina Sample Pan


PBN4539 Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Boat


BN4540 ZSBN Nozzle


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