GE2967 Germanium(II) Chloride GeCl2 (CAS No. 10060-11-4)

Catalog No. GE2967
CAS Number 10060-11-4
Molecular Formula GeCl2
Molecular Weight 143.5
Appearance Pale Yellow Powder
Purity 99%

Germanium(II) Chloride GeCl2 (CAS No. 10060-11-4) is a chemical substance with a chemical formula of GeCl2, which is easily hydrolyzed. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading Germanium(II) Chloride supplier across the world, offering customers high-quality Germanium(II) Chloride at a competitive price.

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Germanium(II) Chloride Description

Germanium(II) Chloride (CAS: 10060-11-4) is a light yellow powder, stable at room temperature, but easily oxidized, and reacts with chlorine or bromine to produce germanium tetrachloride or germanium tetrabromide. Germanium(II) Chloride is easily hydrolyzed to produce germanium hydroxide. It undergoes disproportionation reaction at 1000°C to produce germanium tetrachloride and metallic germanium. Germanium(II) Chloride can be prepared by the reaction of metallic germanium and germanium tetrachloride vapor at 300°C or the decomposition of germanium trichloride at 70°C.

Germanium(II) Chloride Specifications

Physicochemical Information



Melting Point


Water Solubility


InChI Key


Germanium(II) Chloride Applications

Germanium(II) Chloride is an intermediate product of germanium metallurgy and can be used in the synthesis of metal-organic compounds.

Germanium(II) Chloride Safety Information

Personal protective equipment

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany



sc/1610604058-normal-Germanium Acetate.jpg

GE2964 Germanium Acetate (CAS No. 1112-60-3)

sc/1610604454-normal-Germanium Oxide Powder.jpg

GE2965 Germanium Oxide Powder (CAS No. 1310-53-8)

sc/1610605679-normal-Germanium(II) Bromide.jpg

GE2966 Germanium(II) Bromide Br2Ge (CAS No. 24415-00-7)

sc/1610607594-normal-Germanium(IV) Bromide.jpg

GE2968 Germanium(IV) Bromide Br4Ge (CAS No. 13450-92-5)

sc/1610608352-normal-Germanium(IV) Chloride.jpg

GE2969 (Discontinued) Germanium(IV) Chloride (CAS: 10038-98-9)

sc/1610609972-normal-Germanium(IV) Fluoride.jpg

GE2970 Germanium(IV) Fluoride F4Ge (CAS No. 7783-58-6)

sc/1610610310-normal-Sodium Metagermanate.jpg

GE2971 Sodium Metagermanate (CAS No. 12025-19-3)


GE2972 Vanadium Germanide V3Ge (CAS No.12025-41-4)


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