TM0165 Titanium Tube (Ti Tube)

Catalog No. TM0165
Material C.P.Titanium Ti Alloys
Standard ASTM B338 ASTM B337 ASTM B862
Density 4.5-4.51 g/cc
Size 3.15mm to 50.8mm OD x L
Surface Pickled, Polished

Titanium Tube (Ti Tube) is one of the common titanium products and has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies Titanium Tubes including Seamless Titanium Tube and Welded Titanium Tube.

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Titanium Tube Description

Titanium Tube (Ti Tube) is one of the common titanium products and has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. We generally divide titanium tubes into two types, one is called the seamless titanium tube, and the other is called the welded titanium tube.

Titanium tubes are light in weight, high in strength, and superior in mechanical properties. They are widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tube and tube heat exchangers, coil heat exchangers, serpentine tube heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, and conveying pipelines, etc.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trust-worthy supplier of high-quality Titanium Tube (Ti Tube) that has over two decades in the manufacture and sale of titanium products.

Titanium Tube Specifications

-Standard:ASTM B337, ASTM SB338, ASTM B861
-Materials: Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.9        
-Surface: Pickled or Polished
-Customization available upon request

SAM Titanium Tube Titanium Welded Tube Titanium Seamless Tube


Titanium Seamless Tube

-Outside Diameter:3.18mm-50.8mm
-Thickness: 0.6mm-1.66mm
-Length: up to 15000mm


Titanium Welded Tube

-Outside Diameter: 3.18mm-38.1mm
-Thickness: 0.5mm-50mm
-Length: up to 15000mm


Titanium Tube Production Methods

Titanium Seamless Tube: Extruded pipe blanks are cold-rolled and annealed.
Titanium Welded Tube: Made from titanium strip.
manufacturing process of titanium seamless tubes

Titanium Tube Applications

Titanium Tube can be used as:

-Heat exchangers
-Condensers all kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline systems
-Titanium bicycle tubes
-Automobile exhaust pipes
-Offshore aquaculture, etc.

application of titanium tubes application of titanium tubeapplication of titanium tube


Titanium Tube Packaging & Shipping

Our Titanium Tubes are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.

 Packing of titanium tube packing of titanium tubes packing of titanium tube


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