CM3432 Copper Shaped Bar

Catalog No. CM3432
Material Cu
Content 99.9%
Size Customized
Shape Customized

Copper Shaped Bar is a high-current conductive product. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Copper Shaped Bar.

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Copper Shaped Bar Description

The special-shaped copper busbar is relative to the common copper busbar. The cross-sectional shape is not square or rectangular, and has various shapes, including "L", "T", trapezoidal, and polygonal shapes. Most of them are based on the specific product design requirements of the manufacturer. different. The processing technology mostly uses oxygen-free copper rods to be extruded by a continuous extruder and then cold-drawn with a cold-drawing machine. Mainly used in the manufacture of high and low-voltage electrical switch contacts and main raw materials for electrical installation wires, etc.

Copper Shaped Bar Specifications

Shapes: “T”, “L”, rapezoidal, and polygonal

Max Width: 130mm

Max Height: 80mm

Max Total Cross-sectional Area: 2000mm2


Copper Shaped Bar Applications

Used in construction, automobile, water storage, and operation industry.

Copper Shaped Bar Packaging

Our Copper Shaped Bar is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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