TS3176 Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO)

Catalog No. TS3176
Chemical Formula W20O58
APS 10-22 μm
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 1.5-3.0
Purity ≥99.95%
Form Blue Crystalline Powder
Ignition Loss ≤0.5%

Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) is a kind of blue crystalline powder with chemical formula of W20O58. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality Thermal Spraying Powder.

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Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) Description

Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) refers to a class of dark blue compounds containing tungsten (VI) and tungsten (V) mixed valence states. Generally formed in solution. It is one of the important raw materials for the manufacture of tungsten powder. Because the reduction of tungsten powder from blue tungsten oxide is easier to control the particle size and the composition, it is beneficial to incorporate other elements in the reduction process of tungsten powder, so blue tungsten It is gradually replacing tungsten trioxide as the raw material for the production of special tungsten powder.

Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) Specification

Physical Properties

Fsss (μm)


Apparent Density (g/cm3)




Ignition Loss(g/cm3)


Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) Applications

Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) Packaging

Our Blue Tungsten Oxide Powder (BTO) is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

Double plastic bags in iron drum, 200kg/piece. Or according to the needs of customers.



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