CY1875 Ruthenium on Carbon Catalyst

Catalog No. CY1875
CAS Number 7440-18-8
Appearance Black powder
Metal Content 1 %, 3 %, 5 %
Specific Surface Area 48~65 m2/kg

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers Ruthenium on Carbon Catalyst which saves 20 times in the production of sorbitol and has lower by-products comparing to Ni-Al catalyst. Feel free to contact us for custom product information. Related products: Iridium on Carbon Catalyst, Platinum on Carbon Catalyst.


Description of Ruthenium on Carbon Catalyst

Ruthenium carbon is a catalyst prepared by supporting metal ruthenium powder on activated carbon, and its main function is catalytic the reduction of aliphatic carbonyl compounds to alcohol. The ruthenium catalyst hydrogenation reduces the reaction temperature and pressure, shortens the reaction cycle, and the catalyst can be recycled. It plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and saving raw materials.


Specifications of Ruthenium on Carbon Catalyst

Specific surface area (m2/g)


Metal surface area (m2/g)


Mean diameter of carrier (μm)


Impurity (%)


Grain intensity


Water content (%)


Main reaction yield (%)


Ash content (m)



Applications of Ruthenium on Carbon Catalyst

·Reduction of aliphatic carbonyl compounds to alcohol

·Reduction of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds

·Hydrogenation of glucose to sorbitol


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