FA3361 Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti

Catalog No. FE3361
Compositions Fe, Ti
Appearance Orange powder

Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti is used for water-based and oil-based materials to make non-toxic anti-rust paint, primer and bottom-side anti-rust paint. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers high-quality Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti with competitive pricing.

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Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti Description

Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti is a combination of ultra-fine composite powder and iron polyphosphate (titanium) that have undergone high-temperature surface coating treatment, and can replace red lead anti-rust pigment. A variety of organic additives are used to treat the surface of ultra-fine pigments at high temperature to form a dense coating on the surface of the pigment, which effectively prevents the corrosion of water molecules, oxygen and other gases on steel, and greatly enhances the pigment on the surface of steel. At the same time, the composite carbonate of this product can generate a passivation film on the surface of the steel. This dense passivation film adheres firmly to the surface of the steel, thus achieving an excellent anti-rust effect.

Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti Specifications

Density (at 27)


Oil Absorption


Water soluble matter


Volatile Mater (105)


Water suspension pH


Residue on sieve (325 mesh)




Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti Applications

Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti is suitable for water-based and oil-based materials to make non-toxic anti-rust paint, primer and underside anti-rust paint, which can replace red lead anti-rust paint

Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti Packaging

Our Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.



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