CU1813 Copper Foam (Cu Foam)

Catalog No. CU1813
Material Copper
Shape Sheet, belt or customized
Thickness 0.3-100mm
Porosity ≥70

The copper foam (Cu Foam) can be used for preparing a battery negative electrode (carrier) material, a catalyst carrier, and electromagnetic shielding material. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides different kinds of pure copper and copper oxide products with high quality.

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Copper Foam Description 

Copper Foam (Cu Foam) of high quality are available at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Copper Foam is a new multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes uniformly distributed in the copper matrix. Copper Foam has good conductivity and ductility, and its preparation cost is lower than that of foamed nickel, and its conductivity is better.

It can be used to prepare battery anode materials, catalyst carriers, and electromagnetic shielding materials. In particular, Copper Foam is used as the base material of the battery as the electrode, which has some obvious advantages, but the corrosion resistance of copper is not as good as that of nickel, which limits some of its applications.


Copper Foam Specification

Compressive strength


Tensile strength


Shear strength


Vickers hardness


Specific heat


Melting point


Thermal expansion coefficient

1.7×10-5 m / m-°C (0-100°C)

Modulus of elasticity (tension)

14.6 × 103 psi


Copper Foam Applications 

* Electrode material

Copper foam has excellent electrical conductivity, which makes it widely used as electrode frame materials for new batteries such as nickel-zinc batteries and electric double-layer capacitors.

* Catalyst

Copper foam acts as a catalyst in many organic chemical reactions, such as directly replacing perforated copper plates as a chemical reaction catalyst. Foamed copper has also been successfully used as a carrier for photocatalytic air purification.

Thermally conductive materials

Copper foam has excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it a flame retardant material with excellent performance. In addition, people use copper foam to make heat dissipation materials for motors and appliances.

* Silencing and shielding materials

Copper foam is a very good silencing material. Sound waves will be diffusely reflected on the surface of the foamed copper, and the sound absorption effect is achieved through the principles of material expansion and microporous noise elimination. Cooper foam is also an excellent electromagnetic shielding material, and its shielding performance is close to silver.

* Filter material

Copper foam is basically harmless to the human body, which makes it successfully used as a medical filter material. At the same time, the application of copper foam in water purification devices has a good future.

* Fluid pressure buffer material

The dispersing and buffering action of the copper foam on the fluid makes it an excellent pressure reducing protection device for various pressure gauges.


Packaging of Copper Foam

Our copper foam is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.



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