AL2746 Aluminum Sulfide Powder & Lump (CAS NO. 1302-81-4)

Catalog No. AL2746
Molecular Formula Al2S3
Appearance Gray to black solid
Purity ≥99.99%
Synonyms Dialuminum sulfur(-2) dihydride anion, Dialuminium

Aluminum Sulfide (CAS NO. 1302-81-4) has a chemical formula of Al2S3 and its molar mass is 150.16 g/mol. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is your one-stop platform to find Aluminum Sulfide Powder/Lump for sale.

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Aluminum Sulfide Description

Aluminum Sulfide has a chemical formula of Al2S3 and its molar mass is 150.16 g/mol. Sometimes this sulfide can be found in its hydrate form, with a variable number of water molecules hydrating it. The compound is formed by two cation Al3+ and three anions S2-. Aluminum sulfide has several crystal structures, some of them are the tetragonal, hexagonal and trigonal.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is your one-stop platform to find Aluminum Sulfide Powder & Lump for sale, who has over two decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of the Aluminum Sulfide.


Aluminum Sulfide Specifications

Product Name

Aluminum Sulfide Powder & Lump (CAS NO. 1302-81-4)





Molecular weight


Melting Point

1,100° C (2,012° F)

Boiling Point

1,500° C (2,732° F)


2.32 g/cm3


Aluminum Sulfide Applications

Aluminum sulfide Powder/Lump can be used in the preparation of hydrogen sulfide, a compound that is largely used in the chemical industry. Moreover, aluminum sulfide is used in the manufacturing of cathodes that contain lithium-sulfur solid-state batteries. Along with these applications, aluminum sulfide is also part of the production processes of compounds as ethanethiol.


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