AL1885 AlSiC Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate

Catalog No. AL1885
Size Customized
Material Aluminum Alloy-ZL101A
Electrical Resistance (µOhm-cm) 20
Hermeticity (atm-cm3/sHe) < 10 -9

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate. We offer high-quality products with good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion.

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Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate Description

AlSiC was first used in the US military radar chip substrate to replace tungsten copper. After the replacement, the heat dissipation effect is excellent, and the overall weight loss of the radar is 10 kg, which makes the aluminum-silicon carbide material attract attention. High-current IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules generate a large amount of heat during operation. The AlSiC material is usually used to fabricate the IGBT substrate, and the high-power IGBT module is firmly packaged, so that the chip can be used in vibration, high temperature, and dust. The Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate is very light, only has a 1/3 weight of the copper, but its bending strength is as good as the steel. This makes it excellent in seismic performance, exceeding the copper substrate. Therefore, in high-power electronic packaging, Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plates are irreplaceable materials due to their unique combination of high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and flexural strength.

AL1885 AlSiC Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate 


Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate Specification

Aluminum Alloy


Silicon Carbide

Electronic grade, volume fraction 65 %

Thermal Conductivity[(W/mK) @25°C]


Specific Heat (J/gK) @ 25°C


Thermal Expansion (CTE) ppm/°C

(30°C-100°) 7.42

(30°C-150°)  7.93

(30°C-200°)  8.35

Young’s Modulus (GPa)


Shear Modulus (GPa)


Flexural strength (MPa)


Percent Elongation at Rupture(%)


Fracture Toughness


Electrical Resistance (µOhm-cm)


Hermeticity (atm-cm3/sHe)

< 10  -9


Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate Applications

Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate has the following applications:

-Household appliances,
-Power engineering
-Renewable energy
-Smart grid
-Traffic control
-Power conversion
-Industrial motors
-Power supplies
-Wind and solar equipment
-Frequency converters for automatic control


Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate Packing

We use the vacuum seal to fill the carton to prevent impact. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation of the Aluminum Silicon Carbide IGBT Base Plate.

AlSi packing




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